3 NFL head coaches changing the culture in 2022

(Photo by Tim Bradbury/Getty Images)

The 2022 NFL season has already shockingly kicked off.

From a monsoon game in Chicago to a Monday night thriller in Seattle, this season is off to a flying start.

However, there are some standout moments proven by culture-changing head coaches in 2022.

Of the NFL’s 32 head coaches, which ones are making the biggest changes?

3. Brian Daboll

The New York Giants are back to winning games in 2022.

Head Coach Brian Daboll changed the losing culture with the Giants into a winning team.

His leadership took the team to 2-0 to open the season.

However, his latest request from Giants season ticket holders is something unheard of in the NFL.

Daboll has emailed these season ticket holders and wants them to create a blank in their home game against rival NFC East.

The move is something new in NFL culture, as it’s unheard of for NFL head coaches to email season ticket holders.

However, it’s an energy like his that brings the Giants to life in 2022.

They are no longer a bottom team, as they are now at the top of the NFC East with the Philadelphia Eagles.

2. Robert Saleh

Robert Saleh takes his detractors seriously.

He stores all negative comments, ready to use them against his detractors when he proves them wrong.

While some think the Jets can’t do much, the players are showing they’re motivated by it.

That motivation is something that earned them a victory in Cleveland against the Browns on Sunday.

However, the jury is still out on how long that motivation will last in 2022.

But it’s a clear shift in NFL culture with the way head coaches approach criticism.

No other coach is doing what Saleh is doing right now.

He’s all about his team and ready to tell the critics they’re wrong when the day comes.

1.Mike McDaniel

While the Miami Dolphins have a wide receiver who beats his QB, his head coach Mike McDaniel puts everything in place.

With some in Miami wanting a different QB, it’s McDaniel who trusts Tua Tagovailoa

The young QB was thought to be on his way out this season, after trade rumors and a story about Tom Brady coming to Miami surfaced.

However, Tua is posting the best numbers of his young career.

He currently leads the league in passing yards while helping his top two receivers lead in receiving yards.

While many doubted the young QB and Tyreek Hill’s chances of success with him, McDaniel’s and the Dolphins prove otherwise.

His faith in Tua is rewarded with a 2-0 start.

But it will be a Sunday game against the Buffalo Bills that will test the culture in Miami.

However, McDaniel is up for the challenge as he knows Miami needs a win against their AFC East rivals.

He brings a winning culture to Miami that he wants to continue this season.

So, with his biggest test ahead of him, he and his team are set for a colossal game with potential playoff implications early in the NFL season.

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