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SEATTLE, AP — The Washington state attorney general’s office is seeking to compel Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer to post $10,000 bond as a condition of continued release as he awaits trial for false declaration.

The motion filed Friday seeks to revoke Troyer’s previous release without bail in the case stemming from his contentious confrontation with a black newspaper carrier, the Seattle Times reported.

A hearing on whether to grant the bail petition is set for July 1.

The prosecutors’ request follows a Pierce County judge’s decision to issue a one-year anti-harassment order against Troyer, requiring him to stay away from newspaper carrier Sedrick Altheimer due to persistent incidents of “unlawful harassment”.

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Troyer has denied these encounters, saying he met Altheimer once in April, when Altheimer delivered a diary to Troyer’s father.

The motion filed Friday also claims that Troyer’s release conditions should be changed to require “strict compliance” with the anti-harassment order.

John Sheeran, Troyer’s attorney, said in a statement: “Sheriff Troyer has done nothing to warrant the court issuing an anti-harassment order and the Attorney General’s motion is no more than a publicity stunt designed to smear the good name of a man who has spent 37 years working to protect the public.

Troyer pleaded not guilty to counts of false reporting and making a false or misleading statement to an official following his Jan. 27, 2021 meeting with Altheimer, who was delivering newspapers to Tacoma when Troyer began to follow him in his personal SUV.

Troyer called for a massive police response, repeatedly telling an emergency dispatcher that Altheimer had threatened to kill him. Troyer renounced his threatening allegations during questioning by Tacoma police, which led to misrepresentation charges.

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