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Why exactly did Paramount Pictures set up zero efforts to promote CONFESS, FLETCH? Do they think there is no audience for finely crafted comic mysteries? Don’t they want to distract Jon Hamm from his pursuit of Flo from Progressive? No matter the reason, Confess, Fletch is one of the best movies I’ve seen in 2022 (it’s already released in theaters, but still available on VOD). Hamm plays the titular sage, a former investigative reporter who is framed for murder while in Boston trying to uncover the mystery behind a European art theft. Hamm has so funny as Fletch tries to clear his name and find the paintings while meeting some very funny characters. From Greg Mottola’s directing to every performance to the solid and precise script, everything about this film is so finely tuned in a way rare in the realm of modern cinematic comedy. It’s a shame most people don’t know it exists. (SETH SOMMERFELD)

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I constantly fall victim to the endless scrolling provided by TikTok. Usually the videos are mediocre attempts at comedy, but sometimes I stumble upon a gem. Recently I became aware of SANDWICH ROLL, a game created by TikToker “AdventuresInAardia” to make lunchtime a little more unpredictable. He leaves a set of Dungeons & Dragons the dice decide which ingredients go on his sandwich for the day. The numbers on each die correspond to a list of ingredients the creator has in their kitchen. I’m addicted. I go back to it every day to find out what madness its 20-sided sauce roll (or D20, in gamer parlance) will bring to the sandwich. Sometimes mayonnaise, but other times chocolate syrup. The dice don’t always go his way, but that’s what makes this account worth following. (MADISON PEARSON)

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Noteworthy new music coming to stores and online on October 14:

ENUMCLAW, SAVE THE BABY. Seattle’s (actually Tacoma’s) hottest new band delivers a debut LP full of warped Northwest alt-rock noise.

WILD ROSE, ILYSM. Some rock critics who have heard the Brooklyn band’s forthcoming album of hushed indie rock have compared it to Wilco’s classic. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Enough said.

THE 1975, BE FUNNY IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. The British pop-rock band tries to master their expansive sound for a tighter 11-song LP (which is still sung in English and isn’t exactly hilarious). (SETH SOMMERFELD)

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