Democrats lose Hispanics on culture

PResident Joe Biden is not very popular with Hispanic Americans.

Although Biden won a majority of Hispanic voters in the 2020 presidential election, his approval rating with them is abysmal. It’s only 26%, according to a recently released Quinnipiac poll. The poll also found that only 12% of Hispanics strongly approved of Biden. Democrats should take these poor ratings as a warning that going too left on social and cultural issues is a great way to alienate voters.

While Hispanic Americans tend to vote for Democratic candidates, the party often doesn’t reflect their values.

Abortion is a perfect example. The Democratic Party is a global exception when it comes to abortion. Many Democrats do not support any restrictions on abortions, including restrictions with overwhelming public support. While only seven countries allow elective abortion after 20 weeks, many Democratic politicians want no gestational limits. That’s for sure, legal and rare.

With nearly half of Hispanics identifying as Catholic (76% Christian), Democrats are out of touch. While white liberals in Seattle, Washington and Cambridge, Massachusetts, might agree with the new Democratic orthodoxy, those voters are in states the party has already locked down. The party’s insistence on gender woke ideology, including in public schools, probably doesn’t help them with Hispanics either.

Putting the gender unicorn in schools and men in women’s sports is also not likely to win any trouble with Hispanic voters. White liberals might think that’s great, but many others don’t.

In 2018, for example, the predominantly Hispanic town of Lawrence, Massachusetts, voted against making gender identity a protected class in Massachusetts, even as the state voted 68% against. 32% for this to happen. It was one of the only areas in the state with many Sen. Elizabeth Warren voters who didn’t want biological men in female-only spaces, such as restrooms and locker rooms.

Lawrence was also one of the few areas where Republicans made gains in the 2020 presidential election in Massachusetts. Democratic calls for defunding police and defending rioters smashing windows and torching cities helped Republicans with Hispanics nationwide that year.

While not a policy, the “Latinx” issue shows just how failing Democrats are to connect with Hispanic and Latino voters. It is an awake term used because the Spanish language has gendered nouns. Latino is male and Latina is female. However, liberals decided they had to introduce woke gender ideology into the Spanish language and call people Latinx since some people identify as non-binary genders.

One problem: the term “Latinx” is unpopular among Latinos. About 3 in 4 Latino adults say they’ve never heard of the term, according to Pew Research. Only 3% of them use the term “Latinx”.

If Democrats want to reverse their losses, they should stop letting the ultra-left hijack their party on social and cultural issues.

Tom Joyce (
) is a political journalist for the
New Boston Post in Massachusetts.

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