Measure that would ban Seattle park camps and housing construction qualifies for November ballot


The charter amendment would order Seattle to keep public spaces free of encampments once new homeless services are in place.

SEATTLE – A new charter amendment that would order the city of Seattle to clean up homeless settlements qualified for the November ballot after a signature campaign.

“Seattle Compassion” is a voting measure supported by a group of Seattle businesses and community leaders. The measure would remove camps from public spaces by creating more permanent housing and funding mental health and drug addiction treatment services.

The campaign collected 64,155 signatures in order to obtain the proposed amendment to the charter in the November ballot. This is roughly double the required signatures.

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If the measure were passed, the city of Seattle would be required to “develop policies and procedures to address people who remain in public spaces,” according to the text of the amendment.

The amendment recognizes that the city is trying to avoid dispersing people living in settlements, except in safe and secure accommodation, “unless staying there poses particular health or safety concerns. public safety or interfere with the use of public spaces by others “.

The groups behind the proposal include the Downtown Seattle Association and several nonprofits working on homeless housing issues.

Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated that the Chief Seattle Club is a supporter of the Seattle Compassion measure.


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