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Reshma Dordi is a pioneer in promoting South Asian culture to mainstream America through award-winning journalism. She is the executive producer of “Showbiz India”, a television program, and has been broadcasting for 23 years. She is also the main presenter of the program and has interviewed everyone from Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Justin Timberlake and many more. Her dreams include interviewing Oprah and continuing to be a part of the entertainment industry for years to come by creating documentaries. I had the incredible opportunity to interview Dordi about the start of her journalistic career, the challenges she faced starting her own TV show, taking over her dad’s beauty brand and much more. Moreover.

We started at the start of his journey. Dordi moved to the United States at the age of 13 and attended high school in Seattle. She was one of the youngest DJs to start at age 15 and receive an FCC license. At 18, she moved to Los Angeles with her family. Dordi was hoping to find a community of like-minded South Asian women with whom she entered the Miss LA India pageant. Winning the competition catapulted Dordi’s career, and she was able to connect with more like-minded people in the South Asian community.

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We moved on to talk about his first job in broadcast journalism at CNN. Dordi started in the field before the digital age, as 3-quarter inch cassettes were the technology of choice at the time. Dordi describes her experiences during her first internship.

I was thirsty to learn and was passionate about my job. I tried to be a good intern by doing my job of logging, editing, producing, and even trying my hand at teleinviting.

Dordi was one of the few interns to be hired full time at CNN. She worked around the clock with the production assistant and learned to research and present stories. She officially began her career as an audiovisual journalist in 1993. Dordi had to face adversity on the ground due to her age, as she was one of the youngest journalists in the field.

Dordi continued our conversation by talking about the challenges she faced launching her own radio show in 1989 and her TV show Showbiz India TV in 1998. She started by going door-to-door on Pioneer Boulevard in Los Angeles, California, to earn advertising money. Dordi talks about balancing her life early in her career.

I got married early, had a baby, wanted to be a full time mother as well as [have] a career, that’s when Showbiz India was born a year later.

Dordi clearly demonstrates the entrepreneurial spirit of her efforts by going door to door canvassing for the funds she needed to launch her program. She even started her own beauty pageant on the show so that more South Asian women could have experiences similar to hers, forging connections across the South Asian diaspora.

Dordi has interviewed many celebrities around the world on her show. She talks about her favorite moments and drops information about some of the stars.

Showbiz India was launched with Amitabh Bachchan.

I have met so many smart and successful celebrities over the years like Shah Rukh Khan who is a versatile man and a great conversationalist.

American celebrities include Justin Timberlake, Cindy Crawford, Mike Myers, and many more, but my all-time favorite interview was with CNN owner Ted Turner. It was great to have a conversation with him and tell him that I had made my debut as an intern at CNN.

We continued our conversation about the charitable work that Dordi and her family are involved in, giving back to the community through community service and monetary efforts. She has helped increase education awareness by providing scholarships to the South Asian American community. Dordi talks in detail about her community efforts.

When September 11th happened, I wondered what I could do. I organized a boat cruise that went to charity with Sanjay Dutt, Amitabh Bachchan, Suniel Shetty and the whole “Kaante” film crew that was filming in LA at the time. Every penny went to the children of the victims in the form of checks.

I am a member of the board of directors of Maitri, which deals with domestic violence in the South Asian community. I received a grant from LA County to promote a conversation about mental health. I also work with other charities such as SAHARA and SAN throughout the year to promote various community related issues.

We started talking about her beauty brand Reshma Beauty. His father initially started the business and Dordi took over after his death. Dordi talks about where her passion and her profession come from to continue her father’s business.

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Our mission is to provide luxurious ingredients inspired by Ayurveda. We believe in clean beauty, holistic ingredients from the inside out.

I wanted to bring the beauty of our culture to global America.

And today, I’m proud to see Reshma Beauty products at Walmart, Sally Beauty, Wegmans, Fiesta, Kroger, Amazon, and more.

Along with the same rating, we changed the subject to talk about the reviews she received for her products. Anyone with a business is subject to negative and positive reviews. Reshma provides an overview of the reviews she has received and advises consumers.

I believe in constructive criticism. Each of us is different, with different hair and different skin types. For consumers, I advise them to read product labels to make sure it meets their needs. Try to keep whatever you put on your skin and scalp naturally. But, don’t forget that you can also be allergic to natural ingredients, so be sure to get a patch allergy test.

It was such a pleasure chatting with Dordi on a zoom call. You can really see the passion she has for her craft for both Showbiz India TV and Reshma Beauty. Dordi hopes to spread Ayurveda to the world and is truly proud to be an American Indian. As an American of South Asian descent, she sees that there is “enough space under the sun” to spread South Asian culture to the world. I loved the frankness with which she spoke about using Indian cuisine as a therapeutic form of relaxation and her love for America when she said, “I really believe that I am an amalgam of two. magical cultures. Proudly born in India and raised primarily in the USA. She left me with this last feeling:

The harder you work, the more successful you are. Passion will be with you during downtime.

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