RI Board of Education not sanctioned for violating assembly law

PROVIDENCE, RI (AP) — Education officials in Rhode Island violated the open meeting law last year during a back-to-school planning session where they voted to require mask mandates in schools, the state attorney general’s office said.

However, the attorney general’s office said it would not take legal action against the Board of Primary and Secondary Education because its decision to implement masks in schools was quickly overturned by a mask warrant. of the state, TheProvidence Journal reported Wednesday.

The Open Meetings Act requires public government bodies to disclose all meetings and topics of discussion at least two days before the meeting. The attorney general’s office said the council did not take note of the back-to-school agenda and the vote on the mask mandate last August.

But the board said it had implemented a school-wide mask mandate because it was “required to give direction to school committees” before the start of the school year.

In the review by the Attorney General’s Office, he found that the council had no history of violating the Open Meetings Act and noted that the council’s intention was to act “out of a desire for good faith to promote public health and provide urgent advice to school committees. .”

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