Seattle education startup Actively Learn acquired by NJ-based Achieve3000, terms withheld

Actively Learn’s digital product includes English Language Arts content. (Active learning of the image)

Small-scale Seattle startup is taken over by established education technology company that says it reaches nearly 3 million students worldwide.

Actively learn, who built a digital reading platform that emphasizes what she calls “reading for depth”, was acquired by Reach3000, a Lakewood, New Jersey-based company that also provides a literacy platform for schools. Together, Achieve3000 claims the products are complementary, with Actively Learn allowing Achieve3000 to extend its offerings to fiction and teacher-sourced content.

Terms of the acquisition, completed by Insight Venture Partners, were not disclosed.

Founded in 2012, Actively Learn is the head office in the Impact Hub coworking space at Pioneer Square. It currently has 22 employees.

“We are delighted to join Achieve3000. This is a great next step in delivering on our promise to bring meaningful thinking into classrooms, ”Jay Goyal, co-founder and CEO of Actively Learn said in a statement. “With our complementary products, we will provide top-notch content, education and technology to meet the evolving needs of students and educators. “

Before founding Actively Learn with Dr Deep Sran, Goyal had been part of Microsoft’s Bing team for nearly five years. An Achieve3000 spokesperson told GeekWire that Goyal will remain chairman of what will now be Achieve3000’s Actively Learn subsidiary, and that all Actively Learn staff will be retained, with four or five positions to be added in the near future. to come up.

Actively Learn’s reading platform includes content for multiple areas, from the arts of learning English to social studies and science, as well as news and articles. The texts are accompanied by tools to support student learning and questions to assess comprehension. It is primarily intended for middle and high school classes and is said to be used in more than 600 schools.

Actively Learn’s reading platform includes a number of features. (Active learning of the image)

Achieve3000, 17, focuses on blended learning programs, in which online and face-to-face instruction are used together, from preschool to adult education. The company claims that the combination of the two platforms will provide schools with fiction, non-fiction books, short stories, press articles, textbook passages and poetry, as well as integrated assessment and automatic updating of the text as the students progress. It will also allow teachers to add their own content.

“Bringing Actively Learn under the roof of Achieve3000 makes perfect sense to deliver a comprehensive literacy and critical thinking offering to high school and high school students,” said Stuart Udell, CEO of Achieve3000.

Funding for Actively Learn includes grants from the renowned Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the National Science Foundation. The Gates Foundation site lists a grant of $ 270,000 in 2013, and NSF records show that Actively Learn was received two seed grants totaling $ 900,000 in 2014 and 2015. Lighter capital also provided funding in 2016.

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