Seattle Parks Tax: City Leaders Out of Touch

Re: “Seattle doubles park tax to add rangers and services” [Sept. 29, Local News]:

Can we please stop the madness? Once again, city leaders show by their vote how out of touch they really are.

The plan to use a steep increase in property taxes to pay, in part, for park services and to hire “rangers” is seriously flawed. Is it based on a current model elsewhere? Is it based on research?

I am a retired special education teacher from Seattle. My first job out of college was as a homeless case manager at Housing Hope in Snohomish County.

Seattle City Councilman Andrew Lewis promoted this tax with the incredible claim that we can pay to keep parks “clean, safe and open” with this tax increase measure. Such a costly, imperfect and happy hypothesis!

Please, city leaders, stop trying to “work out” your wealthy upper class guilt on the backs of the citizens of Seattle. Instead, you design another tax and another failed program full of false promises. Who do you really serve?

Thousands of people are hanging by a thread and struggling to stay in their homes here in Seattle, in large part because of sky-high property tax increases.

But hey, it’s always easy to spend other people’s money, right?

Laurie EricksonSeattle

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