Slog AM: Seattle Parks Department Opens Spacetime Wormhole, Sailors Go Coke, Jackson Confirmation Hearings Begin – Slog AM

Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is ready to hand these bozo senators their lunch. Anna Moneymaker / Staff

So is Seattle weather about to open a used car dealership or what? For some reason, the ST has its heart in its eyes for major pavement projects lately. This weekend they aired a puff piece that originally appeared in The Colombian on a magnificent motorway project which will surely not cause any climate change this time; and they ran an absolutely disconcerting editorial defending the Alaskan Way Traffic Trench mega-lane is taking shape on the waterfront.


Lake City could be swept away today. Conservative media are reporting that Lake City could be in for a sweep this morning. These events certainly don’t seem to help, do they? It’s as if forcing homeless people to move from one place to another without helping them find housing only makes the problem worse.

There was a major plane crash in China. A Boeing 737 carrying 133 people crashed into a mountain in China. It’s a hard-to-reach area and bad weather slowed rescue efforts, and witnesses said it may have broken before the crash.

Did you hear? Bikes. For the sake of balance, Seattle weather also reposted a Bloomberg article on a recent increase in the popularity of cycling. Remember when Bruce Harrell promised he wouldn’t “driving with bicycles”? Visionary.

Are we stuck with KOMO? KOMO human misery correspondent Jonathan Choe took a break after snapping photos of people’s tents over the weekend to attend a March of the Proud Boys to Olympia, tweeting updates and posting photos that looked like pure public relations. (Rich will talk about that a bit later this morning.) People who called KOMO to complain about Choe’s weekend messages say they were told that “he wasn’t on that story for KOMO.” …despite posting from an account with “KOMO News” literally in the name…and then there’s this video of him saying “I’m with KOMO News.” On Twitter, a member of Cancel Culture (it’s an organization, right?) asked “when does KOMO lose its broadcast license?” I’m glad you asked, because I happened to be reading about how civil rights activists have used FCC licensing challenges to help unseat Southern racists! I’ll put my thoughts in the next paragraph so you can skip it if you don’t care.

In the United States, airwaves are considered public property and companies using them must be licensed by the FCC. The first successful station broadcast license challenge was in 1964, in Mississippi, with WLBT. The station was run by a hideous fanatic, and they did things like cut off the national news feed whenever a black person appeared; local news anchors used racial slurs; a white power group ran a bookstore across the hall. A coalition of civil rights leaders challenged the station’s license as not “in the public interest,” and ultimately the FCC wrested the license from the zealots and gave it to a diverse board that named the first black station manager in the country. Similar efforts were attempted elsewhere over the following decades, but it is very very hard to win. I’m not saying it’s not worth it corn!

Sorry to be inside baseball this morning. That’s it for talking about the news industry, I promise. I know, we are only a small blog, why a Foreigner did the writer get so pissed off about big press companies for decent people? I don’t know, I guess I just find it depressing to watch these playground games at a time when the journalism industry is essentially having a sellout.

Hearings have begun for Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. We have already heard the opening remarks, and now senators are about to start grilling Judge Jackson before his alleged confirmation by the Supreme Court. She can be confirmed without any Republican votes, so unless someone has a surprise up their sleeve, it’ll probably go relatively well.


Elly-Smelly. Blaine

Horse! After mentioning an equine disease that circulates Last week, reader Blaine was kind enough to send in a photo of their horse, 3-year-old Ellie-Smelly. Look at those pretty eyes! Thank you for continuing to send me photos of your animals.

Hammantaschen. I was told that Einstein’s in District U is the place to go for Hamantaschen with toppings, jam, poppy seeds and halva.

Hey, you have your long term use in my temporary use. Kudos to the Seattle Parks & Rec Department for opening a wormhole in space and time with their description of the new signage as being for “temporary long term use”. The sign in question tells users of the Green Lake outer loop, “pedestrian use only, no wheels”, but the fun part is that the wheels actually are allowed, as mobility devices and strollers are fine. And that puts aside the ridiculousness of telling kids on bikes that they can’t ride in the park, but instead have to ride the traffic lanes at 30 mph. Either way, Parks & Rec is collect feedback all over that pot of beef.

Condolences to Uganda. This weekend it was announced that the Speaker of the Ugandan Parliament, Jacob Oulanyah, died in Seattle. The Ugandan government had paid half a million dollars to transport him here for medical treatment.

Hey, do you want to help people get online? Cyberspace! The information highway! Modems! The City of Seattle wants your grant application to a digital equity effort to connect nonprofit organizations with communities that need better access to online services. The first information session is this Wednesday, and it will be held online — oh-ho, a little test of your computer skills!

No Pepsi. Coke. Say goodbye to choosing a new generation – Coke is the real thing now. The Mariners just signed a deal to make Coke the “official fan refresh.” Is that a bottle of water in your hand? GET OUT OF HERE WITH THIS SHIT. Just to make things more complicated, here’s a 7-Up commercial from the 1970s that I’ve always loved.

Honestly folks, the more I hear about Bothell… A bill that would have improved city planning around climate change issues failed in Olympia this year, but Bothell will press ahead with its comprehensive plan as if it had passed – take climate change seriously instead of just talking about it. How does this little town circle around us?

My wish for you is to have a meeting as adorable as that of this couple. I don’t know if they’re actually on a date or not, but it looks like it!

The audacity of this symphonic poem. This weekend I came across a transcript of a speech given by a congressman in 1950, and it’s just a HOOT. I wandered around the house muttering “he’s mom and he’s dad” to myself.


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