Slog PM: Government avoids shutdown, resale of sailors’ tickets cost fans over $1,000 and whales roam near Port Angeles

Weekend weather: Haters will say, “Bring the cold, bring the gloom,” but you and me? We know better. We love the sun and we’re grateful for a beautiful, warm September whether it’s a matter of climatologists or not… Weather nerds in Seattle want you to believe that fall is right around the corner and the skies blue is a fluke. But no. This weekend will still be warm. Temperatures will hit the upper 70s this Saturday and Sunday, according to the Weather Channel.

What is the move: I know I know. you want to sit and watch Hocus Pocus to ring in October, but in case sunny skies lure you out of your apartment, EverOut has put together a handy list of cheap things to do around town this weekend. I might just take my cat to Caturday this time, in her stroller, of course.

A day without cars: Tomorrow, the U-District partnership close traffic on the avenue so the public can enjoy the iconic street as it should be: car-free. In addition to greatly reducing your risk of becoming a traffic accident, you can head to the U-District tomorrow for a $4 food walk, booze, and two concerts. Sounds fun, thought I’d share.

Bird watching: It was a good week to have a pair of binoculars and some free time. When someone saw a rare sharp-tailed sandpiper off the 520 pontoon bridge, word spread through the birdwatching community, and as the Seattle Times already brilliantly said, birdwatchers have “throught” to the site, hoping to catch a glimpse of the little shorebird themselves.

I’m so preceptive: I couldn’t tell you why, but I had a feeling something was up with the Mariners. Nothing to do with sports Twitter. Anyway, I was right. As per usual. After a win last night, the Mariners moved closer to the playoffs. Now the team only has to win one game out of the remaining seven of the season.

Good luck getting to see them though. With excitement for the Ms at an all-time high, tickets have become harder and harder to come by. Fans purchased all tickets from official sources, giving resellers a great opportunity to make a profit. According to KOMO, some sports capitalists have priced Mariners resale tickets over $1,000 to see Friday’s game where the team could qualify for the playoffs.

L Pod takes an L: At the height of the southern resident orca population, scientists counted 98 whales. This summer, scientists counted only 73 of the endangered animals. Over the past year, pod J gained a healthy baby girl, pod K lost two whales and had new offspring, and pod L, the largest pod, saw its highest numbers. low since 1976. KING 5 has all the history.

More whale news because I love them sm: A pod of about 15 passing orcas were irritated by two humpback whales yesterday near Port Angeles, KIRO 7 reported. Captains from the Pacific Whale Watch Association (PWWA) called it a very rare sighting. Captains saw orcas chasing humpback whales, then the humpback whales turning the tables and chasing the orcas back. The show, with breaches, tail spins and lots of whale sounds, lasted about three hours. It could have ended badly for humpback whales, even though they are generally larger. Orcas sometimes tire of their usual diet of porpoises, seals and sea lions and hunt humpback whales. With 15 on one side against two on the other, my bet would be on the guys who got the nickname “killer whale”. Just say. However, the PWWA said it had not seen an orca kill a humpback whale in the Salish Sea.

Okay, one more thing about animals: In a heartwarming found family story, a herd of cows in Germany adopted a little piglet named “Frieda” who lost her pig family, likely while crossing a river, according to NPR.

Torture porn: In case you weren’t put off by Netflix’s latest serial killer fetish series by the fact that victims’ families said this series re-enacted them, this reporter said Netflix got it wrong crap ! And she told the story first! And not so you can have fun with the horrible deaths of black gay men!

No government shutdown: Hours before the deadline, the United States House passed a funding plan to keep the government operational until December 16, avoiding a government shutdown. The bill also includes funding for relief in Ukraine and disaster relief here in the United States. Some have been angry that the bill does not specifically earmark the money for the deadly and destructive Hurricane Ian, but rather for disaster in general.

Speaking of Hurricane Ian: According to CNN, Ian is no longer a hurricane. It is now a lower storm classification known as a “post-tropical cyclone”. This downgrade comes after making a number out of South Carolina and Florida. The storm has killed at least 42 people in Florida, but we won’t know the full toll from the storm for weeks after rescue teams searched and families reported the loss of loved ones, according to Bloomberg.

Sanibel Causeway: This storm will cost a lot of money in infrastructure repairs. For example, the hurricane destroyed parts of the Sanibel Causeway, which connects Florida to approximately 6,500 people who live on Sanibel Island. Authorities ordered residents of Sanibel Island to evacuate, but the island’s mayor said about 200 households remained behind, resulting in at least 12 reported deaths.

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