The Capitol Hill store that celebrates sneaker culture

At Sole Mates you can find a unique and exclusive inventory of sneakers. # k5soiree

SEATTLE – From an invention primarily designed for sport on the feet of celebrities and professional athletes around the world, sneakers have become more than just shoes.

“It’s more than a shoe,” said Parris Johnson, owner of Sole Mates. “It’s like a time capsule if you will.”

They can be just as much a fashion statement, a collector’s item or even a work of art. And many will pay a heavy price just to get their hands on some unique kicks.

The Northwest has a great history when it comes to celebrating sneaker culture. In the mid-90s, Nike redesigned its branding for the Air Jordan 10, the second Air Jordan sneaker. They land on a theme that will become the Air Jordan 10 City Series. Seattle, home of the Super Sonics at the time, was a star city for the biggest sneaker launch from 1994 to 1995. The Air Jordan 10 “Seattle” represents an era of wealth for the now defunct Seattle franchise.

“Seattle really has a big influence on music, we have a big influence on movies, and we have a big influence on sneakers and fashion,” Johnson said.

Sole Mates is a boutique located in the heart of Capitol Hill where you can buy, sell, and trade sneakers. But it’s also a place you can just visit to shop for some unique kicks and have great conversations with other sneakerheads. Johnson has been collecting sneakers for decades, and sneaker culture is an integral part of his life.

“Some of the best friends I have, I meet them from the sneaker lines,” Johnson said. “When a shoe falls off, you remember where you were when it came out.”

Without a doubt, you will find passionate sneakers at Sole Mates.

Sole Mates is open Monday to Saturday from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday by appointment only.

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