The program helps you resume your ME community college education

Former Maine Community College students can now get up to $2,000 in student debt forgiveness, making it easier for them to return to school.

Do you know someone who started going to college but never finished? I am one of those people who started the university path until life got in the way. I never went back there, even though I often thought about it. For many Maine residents, the biggest obstacle to going back to school is debt. If they already have student debt, they probably dropped out of school to go to work. I mean, even college kids have to eat something other than ramen and beer. Okay, maybe they don’t, but they need that money. And now the Maine Community College System has a solution with its “resume, return, reward” debt cancellation program.

What is the Resume, Return, Reward program?

A returning student may have up to $2,000 of their prior debt forgiven for the school year. Half of their allocated debt forgiveness is distributed at the end of their first semester and the other half at the end of their second semester. It would be so much easier to focus on your studies without worrying about how you are going to pay off that outstanding student debt.

Are there any requirements to qualify for the program?

Yes, there are a few conditions to be eligible:

  • It must be at least two years since the student last attended a Maine Community College.
  • They must register for at least six credits.
  • They will have to maintain good academic results.

How much does it cost to attend a community college in Maine?

Maine community college tuition is currently $96 per credit. The average cost of tuition and fees for a full year of full-time study is $3,700.

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