West Seattle Blog… | CHANGES: What’s reopening at Seattle Parks and what’s not

As mentioned briefly in our nighttime roundup of the viral crisis, Seattle Parks posted an announcement Friday night about what’s reopening in its system – and what isn’t. In case you haven’t clicked on the full ad, here are the highlights:

(With this caveat: “Maintenance crews will be reinstalling the nets and hoops over the next few weeks. There shouldn’t be more than five people on the pitch at a time, players should refrain from sharing games. sports equipment and give yourself six feet of social distance while recreating yourself. ”)

Tennis / pickleball courts
Basketball court
Disc golf
Community gardens
Golf course
Launching ramps (by June 20)
Footpaths and hiking trails
Outdoor barbecues
Picnic tables (not the larger picnic shelters)
Public toilets
No-leash areas
Volleyball courts
Sports grounds (for unorganized use and team training from 1/7)
Bathing areas (from July 1 at 5 locations)
For a full list visit our blog

Play areas and play areas
Adult fitness equipment
Picnic shelters
Community centers / Environmental learning centers (programs)

“Popular parks will close early, at sunset, and many parking restrictions will continue to limit overcrowding. ”

The city will begin taking reservations for athletic field training on Wednesday June 17 for certain fields, “with practices permitted from July 1 for organizations committed to operating under the governor’s directives, a prerequisite for reserving grounds. . Several fields across town will be reserved for informal use by the public throughout the summer.

“Indoor and outdoor pools, wading pools and spray parks will remain closed for the summer. While the governor authorized the use of the pool in Phase 1.5 with very limited capacity, Seattle Parks and Recreation previously decided to focus staff resources to provide supervised outdoor swimming areas for the summer of 2020. ”

One final note: you will likely see new signage. Excerpt from Parks ad: “Instead of the ‘Keep It Moving’ message, Seattle Parks and Recreation will ask park visitors to ‘Keep It Small and Simple’. The public is encouraged to visit the parks and to enjoy the footpaths, footpaths and lawns, but should refrain from large gatherings, large sports games or parties.

PS Many facilities / features that are reopening now have been closed for almost three months.

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