West Seattle Blog… | CLOSED: Seattle Parks is closing some parking lots

This photo from now closed Don Armeni boat ramp a lot of Stewart L., just arrived around the same time as Seattle Parks made this announcement:

In an effort to encourage social distancing and reduce the number of crowds that congregate, the city of Seattle has closed parking at all eight destination parks, closed all beaches to gatherings, and banned access to the area. recreation of Rattlesnake Lake and the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail near North Bend. Last week, the city and county announced that playgrounds and other high-traffic areas would be closed and reinforced that gathering in parks is not allowed at this time.

Seattle Parks and Recreation’s eight destination parks are Green Lake, Lincoln, Golden Gardens, Seward Park, Magnuson Park, Gas Works, Alki Beach, and Discovery. All Seattle beaches will no longer be open to gatherings; however, will remain open for walking or general exercise. The car parks will be closed from Wednesday March 25. Comprising the governor’s order to stay home, stay healthy, residents are encouraged to visit the 479 local neighborhood parks or cycle or walk to these destination parks, which will remain open to the public.

SPR and SPD will also continue to deploy staff to encourage social distancing at these busy parks as well as places such as Cal Anderson and Volunteer Park.

“We always want people to be able to enjoy our parks during this stressful time. But we have seen that many of our parks have become too busy for people to properly create social distancing. We hope that the parking lot closures will reduce the crowds. If people are not able to conserve six feet of space, we will have to close the parks, ”said Jesús Aguirre.

As always, Seattle Parks and Recreation asks residents to:

Use social distancing: The most effective tool we have to slow the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing. We ask people to follow social distancing guidelines in Seattle parks.

Do not access any equipment or no-go areas: As of last week, Seattle and King County have closed all play areas and other sensitive areas, such as picnic shelters, tables, and equipment outdoor exercise.

Don’t congregate in parks: that means no pickup games, no picnics, barbecues, parties, or bonfires.

Six feet for activities: Hiking, biking, walking are all great ways to enjoy parks right now, don’t forget to leave plenty of room for your fellow citizens.

Again, the parks / beaches are not closed – just closed to gathering and parking. We note that Don Armeni is not specifically mentioned so we are following.

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