West Seattle Blog… | Play pickleball or tennis? Seattle Parks has a few questions for you

(Reader’s photo, 2021)

Pickleball might just be the hottest sport right now. The city is wondering how best to support it and asks some questions in your own way:

Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking input from tennis and pickleball players on how best to support the growth of pickleball. Everyone is encouraged to participate in a short surveywhether you play pickleball or not – your thoughts are invaluable as we plan for the future of the sport in Seattle.

Your responses to the survey questions will indicate how we:

-Approach immediate improvements such as existing double lane tennis courts for pickleball (for which funding is available now);

-Add pickleball lines to tennis courts during programmatic resurfacing and renovation projects; and

-Develop options for future dedicated pickleball courts (to be funded).

This survey is part of the 2021-2022 Pickleball Study funded by the Seattle Park District. An advisory committee is meeting throughout the study and additional community engagement will include two public meetings. Meeting dates and locations will be posted on the project page.

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