West Seattle Blog… | SURVEY: How should Seattle Parks’ additional funding be spent?

If you have some time this weekend – here is a three-part survey it requires a bit of pre-reading. here’s how Seattle Parks explains it:

Seattle Parks and Recreation launched a survey to gather community input on priorities for the Park District’s next six-year budget.

The Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners (BPRC) is responsible for keeping public meetings and make recommendations to the Superintendent of SPR for each six-year cycle of the Park District.

Beginning in late March 2022, the BPRC is launching a public process to review potential investments for Park District Cycle 2 (2023-2028), both at full Board meetings and through discussions more in-depth from the sub-committees.

In 2014, Seattle voters approved the Seattle Park District providing SPR with funds to increase investments in maintenance, recreation affordability, park development, and support for community programs.

The Seattle Park District’s first six-year cycle ran from 2015 to 2020. More information on the accomplishments and lessons learned throughout Cycle 1 is available in the End of cycle report and Associated annexes.

In 2020, Seattle Park District Cycle 2 planning was delayed twice due to uncertainties associated with the trajectory of the COVID-19 pandemic and related economic impacts. The City Council acting as the Park District Council has passed annual budgets for the Park District in 2021 and 2022.

The survey, which runs until May 12, asks a few questions about each of the three areas the budget would focus on – you can open each to at least browse the indexes to see if it’s an area you’re interested in ( for example, the first, “Improving Access and Services”, includes off-leash areas among other things). Park District Funding comes from property taxes approved by voters in 2014.

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