West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: Seattle Parks truck crashes into Roxhill Park washroom building; man injured child

(Photo BMS)

3:59 p.m .: Police are currently investigating a strange accident – a Seattle Parks pickup truck in the side of the toilet building at Roxhill Park, with an injured person before they can move away. Police tell us they are trying to find out if the driver fell asleep in the truck or if he stepped on the accelerator without realizing he was “driving”, but whatever the case, the truck struck a man who sustained an arm injury, then hit the brick wall of the building before coming to a stop. With this man, the driver of Parks is evaluated, just like a child, reports our photographer. The damage to the building doesn’t appear to be major, but we’ll check with Parks tomorrow.

SUNDAY NIGHT: A commentator says her husband and 2-year-old are the ones injured at Roxhill Park and both are seriously injured as her child was transferred to Harborview with a broken skull.

ADD MONDAY AFTERNOON: SPD tells us that the report is not yet available in their system; In the meantime, here is the statement Parks sent us when we asked several questions about the incident, the status of the driver, and the condition of the building:

On Sunday, August 20, at approximately 3:20 p.m., a Seattle Parks and Recreation vehicle, driven by an SPR staff member, accidentally collided with a washroom in Roxhill Park. Along the way, two citizens were injured.

The Seattle Fire Department and Seattle Police Department responded to the scene, and a 2-year-old and a 47-year-old man were taken to hospital in stable condition.

Currently, Seattle Parks and Recreation security personnel are investigating.

At this time, we believe the injured child has been transferred to Harborview and the injured adult is still recovering as well. We wish a speedy recovery to those injured in this incident.

The men’s restroom side of the building, where this happened, was closed when we came by earlier in the day.

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