West Seattle Blog… | WEST SEATTLE PARKS: Where to go to soak up the sun, avoid the crowds

(Photo WSB – Myrtle Reservoir Park, Thursday night)

It is the south side of Myrtle reservoir park – one of West Seattle’s parks / open spaces where you can go soak up the sun while staying a good distance from other park visitors. After all the talk about Alki’s crowds this week – and in anticipation of a rain-free weekend – we thought spotlighting other spacious areas might be helpful. Myrtle, for example, has walkways and open fields, next to (and above) water storage facilities. It’s at 35th / Myrtle – and as you can see on the map, Walt Hundley Playground, one block east at 34th / Myrtle, is also spacious.

Further south, the Southwest Sports Complex – which is in fact a Seattle Public Schools facility – extends from the stadium (2801 SW Thistle) west to the large open field where Denny International College was. If you want a north facing water view, Jack Block Park (2130 Harbor SW) – which is a Port of Seattle site – has lots of walkways and gazebos – although some repair work may still be in progress. The lodge at Camp Long (5200 35th SW) is closed but the park has trails and a large open field. These are just a few of the many alternatives to the more popular places. More recommendations? Please add yours below!

CTÉ NOTE: The Definitive Guide to Seattle Parks was written by one of your neighbors, West Seattleite Linnea Westerlind – we presented his book “Discovering Seattle’s Parks: A Local Guide” when it was released in 2017. It also has a website, Seattle Parks Year. If you don’t have her book yet, you can check with one of West Seattle‘s independent booksellers, both of which sell books by pickup and delivery!

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