What’s up with crop circles in Seattle parks?

I want to picnic in the circle of germs. Christophe Frizzelle

Cal Anderson Park seems to have been visited by one of these UFOs in videos released by the Pentagon last month. There are mown circles in the grass all over the park. It’s like performance art. Or a call for help from a lawn mower.

In reality, they’re just another way to keep people socially distant, according to Seattle Parks and Recreation spokeswoman Rachel Schulkin. Personally, I’m disgusted that it’s not community-wide Panels reconstruction, but I guess I’ll get over it.

“Similar to parks in New York and San Francisco, we are exploring the use of small circles 6 feet apart to help people enjoy the park and maintain social distance,” Schulkin wrote in an email. “At the moment, we are exploring this method and always asking people to keep moving when in the park (running, walking and cycling).”

Literally germ circles, huh? New York’s Domino Park was dotted with circles painted in mid-May to cope with the crowds. San Francisco embraced the idea last weekend with social distancing circles painted throughout Dolores Park to keep “crowds organized over Memorial Day weekend” which people embraced with “little to no distancing.” ‘instructions”. according to a report by ABC7.

Personally, I love that Seattle just said “fuck it” and mowed circles right in the grass. Who needs paint? But, I dispute the incongruous message here.

The circles allow people to sit and lounge, but Seattle residents are still being pulled into the parks and urged to “Keep It Moving,” as Schulkin mentioned in his statement. In San Francisco and New York, these painted circles are a way to allow stationary recreation relax from a responsible distance. If these COVID circles are here to stay, does that mean “Keep It Moving” is about to die out?

“We are still developing what the guidelines for Seattle parks will look like in Phase 2,” according to Schulkin.

Mown circles are much nicer than painted circles.

Mown circles are much nicer than painted circles. heart rate

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