Youngkin makes Secretary of Education his first choice in cabinet

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – Glenn Youngkin, elected by the governor of Virginia, who has made education a centerpiece of his campaign, announced the state’s next Education Secretary on Monday, making it his first choice of secretary to the cabinet.

The Republican chose educational data consultant Aimee Rogstad Guidera, saying she would help “recharge a system that has been installed for too long.”

“Aimee will be an essential partner in restoring expectations of excellence; overseeing a record budget for education to invest in teachers, facilities and special education; the deployment of the innovation laboratory and charter schools; and advocate for a program that prepares Virginia’s children for a vibrant future and takes politics out of the classroom, ”Youngkin said in a statement.

Youngkin highlighted Guidera’s career advocating for data-driven reform, innovation and choice.

“Most importantly, she understands that parents matter and that the best interests of the students must come first,” he said in a statement.

In his campaign, Youngkin pledged to increase funding for education and focused on cultural warfare fights over school curricula, emphasizing the rights of parents to make decisions about education. of their children with the slogan “parents matter”.

“The polls kept telling us that education was the seventh, eighth or ninth most important issue,” Youngkin said at the Republican Governors Association annual meeting last month. “Let me tell you, this is the main issue right now, and Republicans across the country can make it their own. “

Guidera, currently President of Guidera Strategy, is the founder and former CEO of the Data Quality Campaign, a national organization advocating for improving the quality, accessibility and use of education data to increase student results. Guidera began her career working on education policy at the National Governors Association and later served as director of the Washington office of the National Center for Educational Achievement.

Guidera and her husband moved to Virginia in 1995, and their daughter attended Fairfax County Public Schools, where she served as a classroom volunteer, head of a parent-teacher organization, and member of the advisory committee.

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