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Is this the shortening of the days, Aries? The stress of the week of the finals? The non-prescribed stimulant drugs you took illegally to get you sleepless nights? It’s not clear, but something makes you feel more agitated in December than Dubs during a soccer game. You might benefit from hopping on a JUMP bike and taking a aimless ride around campus, or maybe even taking the Link Light Rail to a random stop and exploring Seattle to satisfy your inner pioneer.


You slacked off a bit last month, Taurus, and he’s about to bite your tail as you scramble to get it all done before term is up. Start this last paper a few hours before the 11.59pm deadline on Canvas? Forgot to submit your proof of vaccination? You’re going to rush through this December more frantically than a kid who peaked in high school rushes into fraternities for an offer. Do not misstep in your haste, lest you slip into a puddle in Red Square.


Gemini, the days are darkening, and so is your heart. You might be tempted to hack your textbooks this winter on a certain website whose name rhymes with Gibrary Lenesis. Or, if you are feeling really bad, you might just give your study group the wrong answers in that curvy classroom. However, just because UW doesn’t care about you doesn’t mean you have to be lacking in empathy. Instead, you might find it helpful to get into the holiday spirit by making a donation – donate to the UW Pantry, or maybe even The Daily.


As 2021 draws to a close, you’re starting to feel a little nostalgic, Cancer. Maybe you’re an upper class student who misses the loneliness of Zoom learning (I don’t blame you), or God forbid you are a freshman who actually misses high school (I tell you) 100% blame). Either way, the glow that has tinted the previous months has faded like the purple lights of the football season Drumheller Fountain and left you with a December sky as dark and ominous as the parking lot under the Square. Red. The good news is, you have the power to replace that glow – figuratively of course – by making new memories with friends while on vacation, or literally making your own lamp at MILL.


Leo, dealing with rejection isn’t your strong suit, and this December is going to hit you hard with some disappointments. Give yourself a day or two to feel your feelings – let those tears fall hard and miserably like the rainstorms that punctuated the fall term – but try not to dwell on things too long. A good way to cope might be to keep your stereotypical ego high. Does your JSIS class favorite slide directly onto your Tinder profile? They probably thought you weren’t in their league. Rejected by Foster? It’s probably because you actually have a soul.


Your theme for this month is conflict, Virgo. Do the roommates forget to do the dishes? The school administration is not helpful with things like financial aid or accommodations for people with disabilities? RA won’t let you keep your 120 gallon anthill in your dorm room? Things are about to make as much sense between you and some people as they do between Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian. Remember to maintain that calm, rational exterior that your sign is famous for when resolving these conflicts before things get as ugly as the brutalist architecture of Kane Hall.


Libra, revelations from the past are going to emerge as clearly as Mount Rainier on a sunny day, and it’s up to you to figure out how to deal with them. You might suddenly realize that your STEM major was a miserable experience and that you would rather pursue your ethnomusicology dreams instead. Or maybe your stomach regrets taking part in that Frost Bite (formerly Rick’s Cafe) ice cream tasting contest. You might be feeling more stuck right now than the two halves of the college bridge last November, but try to remember that at Washington State’s largest university, you at least have a lot of options.


December means desire for you, Scorpio. Whether you’re crossing your fingers for the internship you applied for last fall, hoping the cutie in Hinge likes the TikTok you sent them, or just craving a campus bathroom that for once in fact has buffers, you dream bigger than a freshman hoping to enter a computer science major without direct admission. It’s good to have ambition, of course, but also make sure you stay a little grounded in the present moment; keep dreaming, but don’t get too much sleep on the morning of your final exam.


December is Sagittarius season and you’re meant to be in the spotlight, so why do you feel more lonely than ever? Late nights listening to Taylor Swift’s re-recording of “Red” doesn’t stop the emptiness you feel when you see cliques of friends making vacation plans together; neither are the nights of fraternity feasts drowned in a sea of ​​sweaty students. However, there are still ways to bond before going on hiatus. It can be as small as making sympathetic eye contact with a freshman you see crying on ALEKS, or as big as commenting on your classmate’s Canvas chat post that you totally agree with. them.


Venus is in your sign in December, Capricorn, and love is coming your way – emphasis on the coming. If there are any seats left in PSYCH 210 in the next term, you might want to grab one, as you’ll get more than the campus bunnies. Make sure you protect yourself from Hall Health and let your roommates know before things get too loud. Bound or unlimited, things are about to get spicy between you and your boo.


Aquarius, be aware of your stress levels surrounding the week of the December finals. While you are generally known to be one of the calmest zodiac signs, there are little things that are likely to trigger you soon. The chime in Red Square is ringing a little too long? UW connection asks you for two-factor verification for the 17th time in a day? Can’t find a single table to sit and study at Odegaard? It’s a good idea to find some strategies to calm down before having a blast in Oak Hall.


Financial matters are of the utmost importance to you this month, Pisces, and starting to budget is crucial to get things under control. Splurge in all the different boba spots in the U-District? You may have to skip this concert at the Neptune Theater if you still want to earn January rent. Apply for internships? Pay special attention to those who are paid versus those who are not. Overpriced food for accommodation and catering services causing you to run out of money for your level one dining plan? Unfortunately, I have no other solution for you than to starve.

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